Hashicorp Demo Stack

A playground for demostrating multiple parts of the Hashicorp stack including Terraform, Nomad and Consul.

IaC hashicorp terraform nomad packer

Fresh off the back of a well produced Hashidays Amsterdam, some of the marketing sell got to me. I already loved using terraform before, but seeing some of the integrations between the full stack made me realise that there is so much more to explore with their products.

who doesn’t like an excuse to visit Amsterdam every once in a while!

Of course, vendor lock in is there as soon as you need to turn the volume dial to 11 and I’ve always stayed away from it with other vendors. But being a member of a small engineering team then the simplicity of a single vendor is quite enticing as well as a radically less complex stack. That’s the theory, anyways.

So I have set out to build an infrastructure framework using DigitalOcean as a compute and network provider, packer to build and store nomad and consul base images in DO, deploy them to enough hosts to gain some HA points and shutdown the network for security.

This is a project that will get some continual love, hopefully around one or two evenings a month.

Blog Posts

I intend on writing up some posts on Packer, Nomad, Consul and TF individually in the future.

IaC hashicorp terraform nomad packer

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