Moving on from moltin

Thoughts on my new quest for a new personal and professional challenge.

1 June 2019 • 3 min read

devops engineering career

In what has been quite a ride for the last couple of months, I made a very difficult decision to leave moltin in the search for a new professional challenge.

I first joined moltin in September 2015. I came on board at the same time as Israel and James as the first employees. We were the first employees outside of the three cofounders and we’ve seen in several millions of dollars of investment in the product, the team and the offices (in the UK and the US).

We cared for a /v1 API for as long as we could and lay down paths to /v2. In that time, we’ve grown the engineering team (and every other team!), architected a distributed system based on k8s and best CI/CD practices. I’ve learned from every step we’ve taken and am confident that the engineering team that is now in place is well positioned to move forward and grow the service further.

I decided that I needed to change course. I casually threw my CV online and immediately got an interview request with for a position as the first DevOps Engineer in their established team. I cautiously accepted the interview and nine days later, after four interviews, they offered me a position to join them.

I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to grow my skills and understand some of the most prevailing issues faced building distributed systems of services. We were one of the first companies to run linkerd in production and that landscape has changed so much just in the last 18 months. ubio present me with a chance to build on that learning and to hone my skills in the DevOps arena which is an opportunity that is - frankly - to good to say no to.

Because the title DevOps Engineer is such a recent one, I’m also hoping this gives me the platform to write more on here about experiences that I will regularly be facing at the coal face. The technical challenges that we face are incredibly interesting and further towards the edge of what current tooling can provide. More on that later though!

Published on 1 June 2019

devops engineering career

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